7 Best Tips on How to Revise A-Level Sociology

Comprehending A-level sociology requires an inquisitive mind that dives deep into analyzing concepts. It helps you explore the more prominent issues responsible for shaping the landscape of our society. This makes it easy to apply class readings in navigating sociological matters like gender, ethnicity, class, and identity.

However, you need more than this to score well; you must have a relevant and practical study approach. Here are the top tips on how to revise a-level sociology.

7 Best Tips on How to Revise A-Level Sociology

Sociology is fascinating as it helps you get in touch with societal situations. You get in the middle of political and social class matters that affect you personally. Though exciting, sociology comprises extensive content you must re-read to comprehend. Sometimes it can be tough to revise a-level Sociology but with the following tips, you study effectively and attain top grades:

revise a-level sociology

1.      Create a Revision Plan

You need a clear plan to guide you on your sociology revision. Sociology is broad, and the tests are derived from the entire coursework. With a clear and realistic plan, you revise a-level sociology thoroughly.

To develop a rewarding plan, personalize it to your study needs and overall goal. Evaluate the areas you have difficulty understanding or those you’ve been performing poorly in past assessments. This will help you take time to understand them, enabling you to score better in future tasks. Other tips to consider when designing a study plan include the following:

List your goals and objectives:

Identity what you intend to attain from the plan. Is it an improved score? Make sure to set realistic and achievable goals to keep you motivated.

Create a revision schedule:

 Set a revision timetable considering your goals and difficult topic areas. Prioritize the challenging sections to have slightly more study hours and revision frequency than the rest. Also, revise the areas you perform well to avoid missing any marks.

2.      List Down Keywords and Complex Terms

With the length of topics in sociology, expect a couple of hard-to-understand vocabularies. Writing down all these terms and their corresponding meaning will save time and ease the study process.

As you review your study materials, note down every word you must refer to for clarity. Understanding the main sociology vocabulary gives you an upper hand during tests. Your instructor uses these terms in questions to make it difficult for you to find answers. With their meaning at your fingertips, you comfortably tackle all the problems, attaining a good score.

3.      Write Down all Sociological Studies

Sociology has a range of studies you should learn and comprehend to tackle related assessments successfully. To understand everything without confusion, write the individual studies and divide them into sections as below:

  • Title of study
  • Aim and purpose
  • Method of study
  • Procedure adopted
  • Results obtained
  • Conclusion

Breaking down the study into each subsection will help you gain insight into diverse sociological concepts. You also get to grasp the study from different angles, making it easy to remember each study. This fully prepares you to face your exams with confidence.

Whether requested to write down an outline of a particular procedure, discuss the findings, or explain an entire study, you have all the main points at heart. Breaking down the study makes it possible for you to analyze all sections of any of the studies with the utmost clarity and accuracy.

4.      Master Assessment Objectives

To revise a-level sociology and earn top marks, you must understand the objectives of sociological evaluations and which sections carry the most marks. For a-level sociology, most tasks focus on evaluating the following key areas:


You must be conversant with all sociological concepts, evidence, and theories. This will help you identify their relevance in the exam questions.


Take time to internalize the scope, limitations, or strengths of theories, studies, or topics. You’ll have the right tone and words to solve any task.


This focuses on your ability to evaluate and analyze a given theory or study while highlighting the critical points.

Consider using past papers to obtain the proper perspective of the sociology assessments. They give you a breakdown of the type of questions and the distribution of marks in each task. This helps concentrate on the highly examined areas to secure as many marks as possible.

5.      Evaluate the Most Effective Sociology Revision Techniques

The revision strategies you use influence your ability to understand and remember concepts and ideas during an exam. You must incorporate the tactics that work well to revise a-level sociology with ease. First, evaluate the techniques you’ve been using, retain those that have worked, and do away with the rest. Other imperative revision techniques to help score well include:

Mind Mapping

Mind maps help you represent the concepts you intend to learn in a visual manner. They rely on images and words that help you create strong associations between the ideas learned, making them easy to remember.

To create a mind map, write down the topic or theme you’re studying and then organize them in a chart or diagram of your choice. Write down the concept in your own words and elaborate further with the associated ideas and images. This will help you create a picture of the topic, increasing your knowledge within that area.

Revision Cards

Revision cards are excellent for helping you remember keywords and their definitions. Create the cards for each topic; spell the words correctly and follow with a brief and concise description.

Consider listing the terms in portable cards, which you can carry around and test your ability to spell and define the keywords. It also makes it easy to involve a friend to evaluate your mastery. You can request your friend to ask you questions from the revision cards with the most complex terms.

Summary Sheet

Write a summary of the main areas of each topic. Be keen to write brief and easy-to-understand points. This will help you condense an entire topic into a single paper, making it easier to digest more concepts quickly.

Try writing in bullet points to make it easy for you to identify the points. Avoid block writing at all costs, as it makes reading boring. You want well-summarized content that you read without struggling.

Podcasts and Flashcards

Online study materials like flashcards and podcasts are convenient media for revising. They help you access study materials at any time and in place. Instead of listening to music while traveling home, you can listen to a podcast elaborating on a particular sociological theory. This helps you gather more knowledge on the theory and have a different approach to solving questions within that scope.

If you opt to use flashcards, it’s best to have your personalized copies over the online generated ones—set time to write down flashcards for each topic. Since you already have revision cards, consider using flashcards for the challenging concepts. This will help you thoroughly revise, increasing your ability to understand.

6.      Form a Revision Group

Create a proactive group with your friends to help each other prepare for sociology assessments. Group interactions hone your understanding of concepts; you reinforce your knowledge and gain perspective on new ideas.

Revising with friends helps you share the best tactics for solving specific problems. You gain multiple alternatives for approaching different sociological issues. Also, you can seek help in the areas you feel stuck. Each of your group members has a place they do better than you, and you’ll help each other work on your weak points.

While forming a study group, you should be aware of the friends you revise with. To realize positive results from your group, consider the following:

  • Students good at sociology
  • Focused and goal-oriented members
  • Timekeepers and serious students

7.      Ask your Instructor for Guidance

You need professional support to be fully equipped when preparing for any assessment. Your instructor has several tactics and resources you can borrow from to give you an upper hand in your exam. Consult to provide you with a directive on your revision plan. On realizing your determination to perform well, your tutor takes time to advise on topics to pay attention to and resources to use.

Inform your tutor of the areas you are struggling with in your study. Instructors have adequate knowledge and understanding of all sociological concepts. They take you through the topic area step by step till you are comfortable handling related questions.

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